In order to deal with complain,

1. Provider explanation complaint handling process that is accessible to the public;

2. Conforming the complaint linkage with the responsibility of certification activities;

3. Considering the effective application of certificate standard;

4. Convey complaints about customers who a certified in a timely manner;

5. Have a documented process to receive, evaluate and make decision on complaints;

6. Have a process that requires confidentiality, which relates to the complainant and the content of the complaint;

7. Complaint handling process that includes a minimum of element and methods as follows :

8. Responsible for obtaining and verifying all necessary information to validate the complaint;

9. Notify receipt of applications complaints and report progress and result to the applicant’s complaint;

10. Communicate the decision to the applicant’s complaint handling complaints made, reviewed and approved by one or more individuals who are not involved with the previous complaint;

11. A formal statement at the end of the complaint handling process to the complainant;

12. Determine together with its customers and the complainant, whether the scope of the complaint and settlement issues published.