Food Safety Management System

ISO 22000

First published in 2005, Food Safety Management Systems (ISO 22000)is an international standard that specifies the Requirements for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) in organizations involved in the production, processing, transport or distribution of food products. This type of certification is suited to businesses which require recognition of their food safety management system.

ISO 22000 is a truly international standard suitable for any business in the entire food chain, including inter-related organizations such as producers of equipment, packaging material, cleaning agents, additives and ingredients.

ISO 22000 is also for company esseek ing to integrate their quality management system,for example ISO 9001, and their food safety management system.


  • Identify cost savings with greater emphasis on resource, waste and energy management

  • Develop corporate image and credibility Quantify, monitor and control the impact of operations on the environment, now and in the future

  • Ensure legislative awareness and compliance

  • Improve environmental performance of supply chain

  • Protect company, assets, shareholders and the directors

  • Potentially decrease public liability insurance costs for your organisation

  • Grow your access to business partners and potential customers